Helping home buyers find the perfect Bucks County, PA, real estate that matches their dream home, the suburbs of Philadelphia offer plenty of activities and amenities. The countryside is filled with scenic views, a mix of culture and historical values. Sometimes you just have to get behind the wheel and cruise around and view all the attractions. Be sure to get your camera ready.

In Bucks County, the open spaces are full of hidden gems, you just have to know where to look. We know Bucks County. We drive potential home buyers throughout the county and often show some of the attractions. Here are some of our favorite destinations that are just a drive away.

Covered Bridges  

Our gorgeous county is home to 12 spectacular covered bridges. You can drive through all of them on one single tour! The path is designed as a large circle so you can start your tour at the closest bridge to your location.

Not in use anymore, these bridges were all constructed in the late 1800s and are a sight to see. The tour officially starts at the Memorial Building at Washington Crossing Historic Park and ends at the Van Sant Covered Bridge. When driving or walking through, you can see the remnants of old advertisements as merchants and business owners used the inside of the bridges as billboards.

Many of the bridges are painted a traditional red with white entry portals. You can see bridges made of oak, hemlock, and lattice-style.

If you want to drive through the covered bridges, be aware that some may not accommodate the height or weight of your vehicle. Bucks County is dedicated to the preservation and protection of these structures.

Wine Trail

Wine lovers will savor the experience of the Bucks County Wine Trail, consisting of nine family-owned wineries. The vineyards encompass acres of freshly scented grapes and magnificent views. There are almost a dozen wineries to visit, each offering a unique taste of the chateau experience. Enjoy all the views of the vineyards, from the lush pastures to varieties of grapes.

When embarking on a tour of the vineyards, please respect the properties. You can book a tour with each winery for an education on the skills of wine-making. Some of the most beautiful vineyards include Crossing Vineyards, which sits on a 200-year-old estate, and the Buckingham Valley Vineyards that features over a dozen wine varieties to sample. Experience the uniqueness of the Sand Castle Winery and take a look at the 7,000 square foot wine cellar.

Historic Barns

Barns make up the heartland of modern rural America and are one of the most recognizable features of the landscape. The historic barns in Bucks County are preserved with intrinsic value that display a sense of pride and place in the community. From Washington Crossing to New Hope to Doylestown, you can find architecture and style from centuries ago.

Please understand these barns are private property, so just drive past to bring you closer to the history of our great county. The Thompson-Neely barn, one of the oldest barns in the county, was built in the 1700s, and is located in New Hope at a previous encampment site for General Charles Lee during the Revolutionary War.

See the history of our county from the driver’s seat. Just driving down the roads will provide scenic, gorgeous views that make living in Bucks County a cultured experience. Let us show you around, and help you find the property of your dreams.