As a leading provider of homes for sale in Montgomery County, PA, our experience has given us some great insight and knowledge into what works and what doesn’t work when decorating a property during any season. Therefore, for homeowners who have just moved into their new home or for those who are preparing a property to go up for sale, we’d like to offer some simple and fun fall decorating ideas.

Introduce Autumnal Colors

Combine autumn orange or red splashes with contrasting or neutral bases such as olive or blue. Muted greens are a perfect alternative to bolder warmer colors. The use of throw pillows, accent rugs, and table accessories in these colors are also low-investment, high-impact ways to start decorating.

Celebrate Harvest Season

Use casual country touches to celebrate the harvest season. Utilize natural artwork, rustic wooden accent pieces, and twine. Cozy blankets can also add a level of autumnal comfort to any space.

Look for Woodsy Elements

At the local farmers market or in the garden area, look for moss, small branches, and grasses. After that, fill some plant pots with any combination of the three, or use your creativity to turn a bundle of twigs into a photo holder.

Dress-up the Dinner Table

Small and unexpected details can go a long way at the dinner table. For example, you can tie a name card to leafy twigs to create unique place holders for your family members or guests.

Add Wreaths

Wreaths are versatile and classic, and they can be made from almost any type of material. Experiment with leaves or wheat for fall, holly for Christmas time, or twigs and pinecones for the whole holiday season. You can even experiment with laying the wreaths flat to frame candles, pumpkins, or other centerpieces.

Consider Candles

Candles add light and warmth in any season, and they work just about everywhere. Add them to mantels or windowsills to bring warmth to an autumn night. If you stick with neutral colors, candle holders and containers can be changed for each season.

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