When you’re thinking about buying a home, you’re faced with a process that can be both exciting and daunting. If you’re more independent and self-sufficient than most, you may even be inclined to go it alone. Much as we applaud the initiative, the real estate arena of New Hope, PA and nearby areas is no smooth sailing for anyone—unless you know it like we do.

Realistic Prices

Without a savvy realtor, you are at the whim of a homeowner and their idea of what their home is worth. As tends to be the case in businesses, and the real estate industry, sellers are infamous for overestimating. Because they aren’t immersed in the market as much as any of our agents, they’re likely to fight tooth and nail over a magical price that they feel is “fair.” Instead of arguing and trying your patience, a real estate agent will give you a price relative to what other buyers are paying. When you buy through a realtor, you’ll avoid the danger of overpaying.

The Transparency

Though a majority of US states require it, homeowners don’t always disclose problems with their homes. If a seller is unfamiliar with the process of selling a home, they may not realize what they’re doing until it’s too late. By law, you should be informed of any floods, fires, or infestations that occurred in the past. Homeowners who don’t disclose this may be able to feign ignorance, but realtors’ careers are on the line.

A Reliable Inspection

Whenever Joseph Bograd advertises a house in Bucks County for sale, you can be certain he’s had it inspected. After a home’s been inspected, the inspector will produce a report citing all the potential problems that need to be corrected. Realtors are versed in how to decipher these documents, narrowing down what is crucial, and what is not.

Neighborhood Awareness

With our years of experience selling homes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we know the neighborhoods in our market. The real advantage (as far as we’re concerned) of realtors is their tie to communities. You do not purchase a home in a social vacuum. When you buy a home, you buy into a township and a local culture. We sell in Bucks County, and Hunterdon County because we love the people and the region as a whole!