Being immersed in the real estate industry, we’re more aware than anyone just how daunting that purchase of a first home can be. In order to help you along, and give you the reassurance and confidence you deserve, we’ve distilled our home buying wisdom down with first-time buyers in mind.

Save for your down payment now—not later

You may have heard about the 20% down payment and the possibility of laying down less. We recommend that you save as much as you can now, avoiding higher costs and more expensive private mortgage insurance down the road.

Partner with the best real estate agents you can

If you’ve been eyeing a home for sale in New Hope, PA or the surrounding area, your best may be our Joseph Bograd real estate agents. Because we’ve been selling properties in this area for over a decade, we know the neighborhoods and school districts like true seasoned locals. If you want to know where to spend your winters while living here, we’ll familiarize you, while informing and guiding you through every step of the home buying process.

Be assertive and observant during open houses

When you step foot inside of a luxurious estate, utilize every moment of your visit to get a sense for the scale of the home, as well as the local community. During your visit, ask all the questions you’ve wanted to ask. If one visit doesn’t satisfy you, you can always return at a later date, after you’ve had a chance to digest everything you’ve seen and heard.

Don’t hold back when you’re making an offer

Once you’ve found the property that you’ve always dreamt of owning, ask yourself how much it is worth to you, and how much you’re willing to spend over the asking price. During a season of competitive home buying and limited listings, you should consult with your real estate agent so as to avoid any chance of a bidding war.

Stay vigilant during your home inspection

With an offer on your first-home accepted, you’ll now want to examine the interior and exterior of your property as thoroughly as possible. A competent real estate agency, like the charming team at Joseph Bograd, will assist you during this final stage, seeing that nothing is overlooked. Whether that first purchase will be a home for sale in Montgomery County or Bucks County, PA, an inspection will rid you of any misgivings as you prepare for all the excitement ahead that lies ahead.