While many realtors in parts of the U.S. consider winter to be the slow season for real estate, our agents here at the Joseph Bograd Real Estate Team believe sellers can take advantage of this time of year. Sure, it may seem like an uphill battle getting potential buyers in your home because of the cold weather, but there are few tips that you can consider to show your home’s good side during the winter months. Here are three things you should keep in mind when you have your home on the market this winter.


Make Sure Pathways are Clear


In Bucks County, we experience all four seasons. During the winter months, it’s easy for leaves and snow to accumulate on your property. If pathways are left uncleared, they can pose a risk to potential buyers viewing your home. By remembering to clear a path from the street to the sidewalk and the sidewalk to your home, you’ll be off on the right foot with visitors. Also, don’t forget to place a mat by the front door so snow and other debris won’t be dragged into the home.


Try To Play Up the Visual


Maybe you have seasonal photographs showcasing a snow-covered landscape or a blossoming flower garden? These types of photos can help you play up a visual when you display them in prominent positions, such as at an end table or stand. What’s more, if there is a window in your home that shows undesirable outdoor scenery, it never hurts to keep those blinds partially closed.


Light up the House


When potential buyers visit over the winter months, be sure to have all of the lights in your home turned on, including appliance lighting and closet lighting. Make sure the TVs are off, and if you want to play some music, it never hurts—just keep it festive!



By choosing the best Bucks County real estate agents from the Joseph Bograd Real Estate Team, you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to buy and sell a home, regardless of the time of year. To get in contact with our realtors in Bucks County, PA, call 267-282-1721!