Are you looking for a new home close enough to commute to Philadelphia but far away enough to keep clear of urban living? Maybe you’re looking to settle down somewhere new. Perhaps you are or you’re about to be retired, and you want to be in a nice place that offers access to virtually any service or accommodation you can think of. If any of this sounds like you, then consider one of the many Bucks County homes for sale as your destination!

There are a lot of reasons to relocate to Bucks County, PA. Many residents find comfort in its rich history and diverse community, while others take solace in knowing they can lead a private life in a luxury home. We members of Joseph Bograd Real Estate Team are well acquainted with the many splendors of life in Bucks County. Allow us to share some of them with you.

  1. Access to major cities is just one of the many perks of living in Bucks County. Located right outside of Philadelphia, next to New Jersey, and within commuting distance of New York City, Bucks County offers its residents the fortune of major city accessibility without the hassle of big city living expense and congestion. You can wake up in Bucks County, be at a late-morning or early afternoon meeting in Manhattan and then enjoy the nightlife in Philadelphia without burning yourself out. Furthermore, the beach, Poconos, and Atlantic City are all under 2 hours away.
  2. The recreational opportunities in Bucks County are virtually innumerable. Whether you’re into golf, boating, or wine tasting, Bucks County can keep you busy!
  3. What’s that, you like shopping? Well then, you would be wise to relocate to Bucks County because it is a veritable shopper’s paradise! Places like Peddler’s Village, Union Square in New Hope, and the Neshaminy and Oxford Valley malls are all ideal places to treat yourself.
  4. The schools here are great. So you if you are a parent, you need not worry about the quality of education your little Einsteins will receive in the Bucks County school system.
  5. Bucks County is full of history. It’s got everything from manufacturing landmarks to Revolutionary War memorials. Mosey on over and check them out sometime if you haven’t already.

If you need more convincing, give us a call or take a look around the rest of our site. When you realize that Bucks County is the place for you, give us a call to see our listings of some of the area’s finest luxury homes and estates. We can show you places around Bucks County, too, like some of the lovely houses for sale in Huntingdon Valley, PA. Stop waiting and find your dream home now with Joseph Bograd Real Estate!