While both city life and rural life have their immense potential and drawbacks, suburban life tends to strike the perfect balance for many families across the country. Today, we’ve decided to break down a few of the key factors to consider when looking for a new home, and why it should be in suburbia.

More Space for Less

In many suburban areas, it’s easy to realize the real bang for your buck. While your dollar will surely stretch more in some rural areas, suburbia often provides you with the perfect amount of indoor and outdoor space for a solid price point. This is proven with a variety of Bucks County homes for sale. Depending on the specific suburban area, the prices are significantly lower than those closer to the city.

The Perfect Balance of Transportation

Believe it or not, suburbia has a plethora of transportation options, alongside less busy road traffic and more open parking spaces. Many areas of Philadelphia’s suburban boroughs tend to have regional rail stations, which can bring you straight into center city’s action without the struggles of driving and parking downtown. Everything in suburban areas is also typically a very short drive away. Going grocery shopping, going to the movies, and much more is much less of a hassle.

Public Schools Worth the Move

One of the most notable perks of the suburbs, compared to urban and rural areas, is that of the public school systems. If you are raising a family or plan on it in the near future, making your forever home one in the suburbs is a great way to secure a fantastic primary and secondary education for your children without breaking the bank on private schooling.

The Takeaway

Suburban neighborhoods are perhaps the ideal area for families, thanks to their well-respected public school systems and a large amount of space available with many homes for sale in Newtown, PA, and the surrounding area. They are perfectly in between the vast rural towns and the bustling urban city and have access to the perks of both of these places through easy means of transportation.

If you’re looking for your forever home in Philadelphia’s fabulous suburbs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us as soon as possible to start the process.