The holiday season is on the horizon, and for people that want to sell their homes, it can be a difficult time. Selling a property during winter can put a downer on your holiday spirit, but it does hold some advantages. There is less competition, and buyers tend to be more serious as fewer homes are actively marketed. If you’re determined to sell during autumn, follow the tips below to enhance your chances of success.

Work With a Reputable Real Estate Agent

Work with a trusted and experienced real estate agent who will work hard throughout the holiday season on your behalf. Ask family and friends for recommendations if any of them have recently bought or sold a property. An excellent real estate agent will help to reduce your stress and give you ample time to enjoy the holiday season.

Prioritize Curb Appeal

When fall arrives, the trees start to shed their leaves and branches. This can make maintaining the exterior of your home an ongoing job. Bare trees leave your home more exposed, so consider touching up the paint. Clean the gutters and make sure the garden areas are neat and tidy. Additionally, clear all the walkways and stairs of snow, ice, and leaves. This helps to guarantee potential buyers’ safety and boost the curb appeal of your property.

Take Amazing Photos

Potential buyers tend to browse online rather than venture out in the harsh fall weather conditions. Therefore, you need to make a lasting first impression by taking some high-quality snaps of your property. Try and publish a couple of pictures from spring/summer so that people can see how amazing your home looks all year round.

Give House Hunters a Warm Welcome

Entice your house viewing guests by cranking up the heating, playing ambient music, and cooking up some homemade holiday treats. Don’t forget, the more at home visitors feel, the more likely they will want to purchase your property. Also, encouraging buyers to spend a little more time in your home will give them ample time to check out its best features.

Look for Motivated Buyers

Work in synergy with your real estate agent to find motivated buyers. Ask them to seek out professionals who are relocating for work, college staff, investors, working families, and military personnel, if you live close to a military base.

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