Browsing homes for sale in Bucks County, PA? If so, then chances are that you will encounter many properties governed by homeowners associations (HOAs). In fact, the U.S. Census Department says that up to 80 percent of homes located in new subdivisions and just south of 60 percent of recently built homes are HOA-managed properties. And while HOAs are notorious sticklers for what often seems like nitpicky rules, there are some upsides to owning a home under the watchful eyes of an HOA.

HOA Advantages

The perks of living under a community or homeowners association—of which there are roughly 350,000 in the United States—are substantial. Some of the standout advantages offered by an HOA include:

Pitfalls of HOA Homes

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine with HOA homes. HOAs have mandatory fees that can be overwhelming when stacked on top of the mortgage, homeowners insurance, and property tax payments. And if you break a rule, you may be assessed a fine — don’t pay it, and you may risk having a lien slapped on your property. HOA rules can be stifling to some homeowners, including rules against specific colors of paint used on exterior surfaces or sports equipment left outside after dusk. Some may even restrict how tall your grass can grow and the types of curtains you can hang in the window.

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