Have you thought about living in Philadelphia? As the largest city in Pennsylvania, Philly has a wide range of amenities and advantages for families who make their homes there. If you wish to learn more about the city, let’s review the benefits of living in Philadelphia, PA.

Easy to Navigate and Travel

Philadelphia’s grid-based design that was devised hundreds of years ago contributes to its walkability. Residents and tourists alike can easily find their way around the city, as the east to west streets are named after trees while the north to south streets are numbered. This trait allows pedestrians to easily navigate the path to their favorite restaurant or one of the five public squares spread out across Philly, but there’s no reason to travel by foot alone.

Many consider Philadelphia a bicycle-friendly city, given the 440 miles of dedicated bike lanes and ample amount of bike stations available. Cyclists living in Philadelphia can easily use these lanes to commute, but there are other means of public transportation in the City of Brotherly Love. The Amtrak line, SEPTA regional rail, over 70 bus routes, and the subway can all help you travel across the city. The Philadelphia Airport is also close to center city Philly.

A Great Location

The great travel options in the city compliment the many wonderful locations you can travel to in the proximity of Philadelphia. The region is home to numerous beautiful parks, playgrounds, and many miles of park trails for you to explore. There are also many great destinations within a day’s travel, such as the beaches of New Jersey to the east and the Poconos to the north. Many major East Coast cities are not far from Philly, too, such as Washington DC, Baltimore, New York, and many more.

A City of History

While traveling to nearby cities is one of the many boons of living in Philly, the city itself has a lot to offer. Philadelphia played a significant role in the founding of the United States and is home to many historical locations. From Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the Liberty Bell to the first and second banks of the country, there’s no shortage of significant landmarks. You’ll even walk by historical architecture and streets, like Elfreth’s Alley, on your daily commute!

Plenty of Amenities

One of the iconic aspects of Philadelphia you may recognize is the museum steps that Rocky ran up in his film. They’re at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and it’s just one of the many museums located in the city. Whether you want to admire the works of Monet or Renoir in an art museum or learn science in the Franklin Institute, there are numerous galleries and institutions to experience when moving to Philadelphia.

Philly is also where the Philadelphia Orchestra is located, one of the finest in the world, and they’re not the only music you can enjoy after moving to Philadelphia. Numerous live music events and venues take place in Philadelphia, and you can enjoy the great tunes along with the city’s iconic foods. From Philly cheesesteaks to soft pretzels and a large variety of foods, you can experience the city’s diversity through its cuisine!

Education and Occupation Opportunities

The science and history museums aren’t the only centers of learning in the Philadelphia region. A wide selection of universities and institutions of higher education, like Drexel, Temple, and the University of Philadelphia, are located in the area. Philadelphia is one of the largest research and health areas in the United States, as well as the home headquarters for some of the country’s largest law firms and Fortune 500 companies!

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