You’ve cleaned your house from top to bottom, plumped up the pillows on the couches, checked every light bulb, and, to your eyes, everything looks perfect. All of this hustle and bustle could make it seem that you’re expecting your in-laws to arrive at any moment, but this time it’s not them. You’re expecting the appraiser so you can find out how much your house is worth. While these small details are important in driving up the value of your home, the truth is that there are other items you may have overlooked that can have the exact opposite effect. Because of this, the Joseph Bograd Real Estate Team has compiled this short list of things that could hurt your home appraisal in order to help you push the value of your property as high as possible.

Landscaping That Needs Maintenance

The first thing any potential buyer will see, and something an appraiser will definitely observe, is the external portion of your home. If you haven’t been keeping up with gardening, have junk piling up in a corner, or your yard simply needs some heavy-duty work, the value of your home will go down from the get-go. Investing a bit of time and money into your landscaping can translate into getting more money from the sale.

Strange or Outdated Finishes

We get it, you love puce colored walls, but it’s highly likely that not everybody does and that will definitely affect your home’s appraisal, so make sure to choose more neutral and popular colors for both the exterior and the interior walls. An outdated and old appearance will also cause issues with the appraisal, especially in bathrooms and the kitchen, so a small investment into refreshing these items will be of great help in the end.

An Unfinished Basement

While making for excellent storage space, finishing your basement will add square footage to your home as well as provide for another livable space that both appraisers and potential buyers will love. A few simple changes, such as adding walls and flooring, can increase the cost of your home and provide you with a new area to enjoy while you close the sale.

Withholding Information

If your house is in need of major repairs, make sure you tell the appraiser about them. Withholding this information will only make the appraiser be more thorough, which will result in a lower value for your home.

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