Wood Burning Fireplaces

Hire a Professional Cleaner

Before you start to burn wood in your fireplace, insert, or stove, have the chimney area professionally cleaned. If creosote remains in a wood burning appliance, this can be hazardous to your home. Also, ensure that all gasket material is both inspected and replaced where required. This includes the door sealant, the ash dump, and the door glass.

Check the Gaskets

Fireplaces are permanently damaged when gasket areas have loose seals and air leaks into the firebox. Clean the blower thoroughly if your wood burning fire uses one. Unlike furnace blowers, these blowers are not equipped with a filtering system to prevent the buildup of hair and dust on the fan.

Replace Broken Brickwork

Finally, replace all broken and deteriorated brick that lines the wood burning appliance. Although cracks in the lining are not much of a concern, if any of the steel body is exposed, the fire’s heat can permanently damage the appliance.

Be sure to replace all batteries and test both carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to guarantee these crucial defense monitors operate correctly.

Gas Burning Fireplaces

Seek a Professional Inspection

We recommend having all appliances inspected and serviced by a qualified technician. Well-maintained fireplaces can look and work as if they were brand new. Even though these fireplaces have the appearance of being maintenance-free, dust and insects can impair their performance. Both the main burners and pilot airways need to be regularly cleaned to make sure that they are operating efficiently. General inspection of the whole system, including all safety controls, is always beneficial.

Clean the Blower

If your gas burning appliance is equipped with a blower, it will need cleaning. These blowers have no filtering systems, unlike furnace blowers. When dust insulates the motor, stopping it from cooling down properly, this can eventually cause the motor to fail.

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