Living in the Northeast, we’re at our happiest when the Sun is shining and when the snow and the winds have finally stopped. Now that it’s getting warmer outside again, this is the perfect season to be browsing and buying luxury homes from the savviest realtors in Bucks County, and the Greater Philadelphia area.

The Bograd secret is simple: we know our region like seasoned veterans. When you speak with Joseph Bograd and his team of realtors you’re speaking with professionals who love the homes they sell and the communities surrounding them.


In preparation for the spring, we wanted to talk about all the ways you can ready yourself before embarking on your own home-buying odyssey:


Be Open-Minded

When you start gazing into New Hope real estate, you’re going to be amazed at first sight. Don’t sell yourself short though—there’s plenty of luxury properties for you to tour before you’ve found the home of your dreams.

Our realtors will work closely with you, ensuring you walk through a curated selection of beautiful luxury homes, featuring the greatest catches of spring 2018.


Budget Realistically

Once you’ve stepped inside the estate that most exemplifies you, you want the peace of mind of being able to buy it then and there, if that’s what it takes to secure it. Consult your accountant or your local bank to discuss everything from taxes to mortgages. Knowing how much you can pull, and how much you can pay over the years, gives you even greater flexibility in picking the home that speaks most to you.


Choose a Winning Agency

Intuitive as this may be, it’s just as crucial as the rest—choose an agency that can communicate with you, gauging your taste in architecture and interior design. Joseph Bograd and his team will learn exactly what you want in a home, and which homes will likely astound you.

With steady communication between realtor and home buyer, you’ll have a winning strategy, and the winning picks to go with it, tailored specifically to you and your family.

Heeding our real estate advice, you and your family will be ready to purchase the most luxurious home you’ve ever seen, this spring of 2018.