One of the most common real estate myths people tend to believe is that winter is the worst time for the housing market. The winter weather can be one of the leading factors for this myth, causing people to stay indoors instead of going out to house hunt. However, the winter season can be a favorable time of year if you are selling a house. Check out these five reasons why winter is the best time for listing homes for sale in Bucks County, PA.


With fewer houses on the market, your property becomes more desirable. If prospective homebuyers are really interested in buying a property in Doylestown, PA, but only a few houses are listed on the market, this increases the chances of selling your home.


Homebuyers are committed during the winter months. Even though the amount of potential homebuyers is fewer than normal in the winter, the ones who are looking during these colder months are more inclined to say “yes” following a tour of your Bucks County property.


You have the leverage to list your property at a higher price. Studies have shown that during the winter months, homes have sold for higher than the average market price. This is likely because of the reduced selection of homes for sale in Bucks County. Having leverage when selling your home is never a bad thing, and the winter season offers just that.


You don’t need to worry about yard work to boost curb appeal. When homebuyers are shopping during spring and summer, they are looking for perfectly manicured lawns. If you own a larger property, this means spending time and money to deal with the upkeep. During the winter there is virtually no yard work involved, other than making sure snow is cleared off pathways leading to the door.


You get to show how your home fairs in the winter. Let’s face it, winters in Bucks County can get quite chilly. When you sell your home during the winter season, it provides a great way to show off just how winter-ready your home can be.  

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